Land of the … Beach Volleyball Giants

Coming soon to a beach near you!

2818 Cordova Road


Tiger Sports Complex

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Land of the…

Beach Volleyball Giants

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Beginning our holiday season in Fredericksburg

Tomorrow the Essence Womens’ choir will perform downtown

Thank you to all those who will be presenting this awesome seasonal gift

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Cotton Fields Back Home



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Only 3 months left…to book your 2019 Christmas trip to Fredericksburg

…and if you’re  lucky…….

…… might get to  design a snowman!



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Galveston Island

Just when you thought it was all surf and sailboats….you come upon this stretch of land and water beckoning to the horizon.  And you realize you’ll never see it all be               because, as most Galvestonians know,…..

its never the same two days in a row.

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Galveston…Come on Down

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Cabo San Lucas………Blending history and tourism

Departing the airport the new  world highway takes you to Los Cabos the southern tip of Mexico/Baja California Peninsula . The concrete  “welcome Turista” route takes you past huts of cardboard and makshift shelters housing the locals who could be day laborers, commercial business staff, road construction workers or tourism industry employees.  Either way  the roadside view is in stark contrast to what you will see just 30 minutes from  the airport.  Pastel colored stucco and wood homes and businesses,wrought iron decorative gates and balconies, fountains, waterfalls, all a mecca for fun- seeking tourists from all over the World.


Your Don’t Miss List:

Rent a car and explore the many  cobblestone streets with no names, sure to  really confuse your GPS!

Greet the stone- age dinosaur beckoning you to el Museo


Satisfy your curiosity about the huge spherical oddity in the middle of town it is actually a government building if you go down to the basement and park there is a very friendly caretaker/parking lot attendant who can give you the history of the structure .

A few steps beyond that site you will find one of the many local markets chock-full of handmade items sold by the locals  who are interested  in bargaining

While downtown treat yourself to local cuisine choose from the highly advertised businesses like el Squid Roe to “hole in the wall” colorful family-owned restaurants  where you will most likely find the best food as per my personal opinion and in addition you can treat yourself to a birdbath size Margarita featuring many flavors of the   various native fruit , Mango, my personal favorite.

Look for a cenote, a  natural  underground pool with many tunnels where you can dive and swim like the locals do on a daily basis.

Book a spearfishing jaunt  out to the Pacific where are you will see fish you never knew existed…… on the way back check out Lands End….the huge rock formations that have become the trademark of Cabo San Lucas explore to your hearts content

Take a glass bottom boat tour out to El Arco, or Los Arcos, the Arches, make friends with some Sea Lions and get your toes in the sand at “lovers beach”  and “divorce beach” ….ask the locals they’ll tell you all about it

Cabo San Lucas…. land of contrasts, deserts, mountains, palatial resorts, primitive huts, fun in the sun and history ……put it on your bucket list this year☘


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Like Beer? Like Trivia?Be There…

Thursday nights  get out of the recliner and head downtown for  No Stress

Trivia Competition at Seguin Brewing Company

you can buy me a Lake Breeze Blonde for giving you this info😬🍀


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My favorite Texas Music Historian

Diana Finlay Hendricks is defying gravity this year keeping the head high and the keyboard busy…


All her work  the past year writing a new biograpahy of Delbert McClinton is awaited across the country. She’s a  fun, creative , interesting lady and prolific writer.  Google her name  you’ll find  a lot goin on in her  hometown  of San Marcos.

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