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imageWurstfest 2013 Opens Today with ‘Biting of the Sausage’ at Opening Ceremonies

Friday, November 1st, 2013

(New Braunfels, TX) — Wurstfest 2013 officially kicks off this afternoon with the Biting of the Sausage and the Tapping of the Keg during the opening ceremonies at the Wursthalle.

Tourism, of course, is a big part of the local economy, but the challenge is to find ways to get visitors to come year round, not just during the hot summer months.

And some 50+ years ago a few forward thinking city leaders decided that they could get more people to come to town post-summer if they held an event that focused on one of New Braunfels’ best local products: sausage.

What started as a 1 day sausage plate sale is now 10 days of sausage on a stick (plus plenty of other food offerings), along with hours and hours of oompah music from 4 different venues inside what is now known as Wursthalle and the Wurstfest Grounds.

Wurstfest, of course, has now grown to become the premier event for our local area.

And it packs a pretty big punch when it comes to impacting our local economy, with an estimated 18-million dollar impact throughout the 10 day festival.

That includes ticket sales, the money local non-profit groups make selling food, and the 300 or so jobs that are created each year just to pull off the 10-day festival.

Opening ceremonies for this year’s Wurstfest begin today at 5pm inside the Wursthalle. Gates open at 4pm and admission is free until 7.

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