Palace Theatre Cine-Museum Houses Wealth of Movie History

If you haven’t been to this Seguin landmark lately , you need to read this post and follow the website links to see that… what’s old… is now new… at the Palace Theatre, 314 S. Austin St!


H.A. “Dan” Daniels (below, right) and David H. Pierce, together with co-founders Janis Turk and Robin Byers-Pierce (not pictured),Davideo Productions, Seguin Theatres, Inc. have really put Seguin on the map in the world of moviemaking history.

imageDaniels’ father was owner of the Palace many years ago and through that career he brought many Hollywood celebrities to our area, so this project is a natural transition for the son, Dan.
Seguinites will be pleasantly surprised at the expanse of information Daniels and Pierce have accumulated within the walls of the Art Deco architectural style theatre built in the late 1940’s.
Memorabilia covers historically, a time frame from 180 A.D. to the present.
Take the time to go to these websites listed below or the article and associated links where you will find all the details you need to schedule a personal visit or perhaps arrange a group tour .
This is not only educational but it is local and national history at your fingertips!.

For details about The Seguin Cine Museum and view the full scope of the project, the proposed expansion and it’s impact on Seguin go to:

or website

Email: or call: 830-379-2428.


(Photos: Seguin Theatres Inc. Seguin CineMuseum, editorial links:

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